Social Identifiers and social design trends are a big part of what I do, these are already finding their way into my blog and will have a place here in the coming future.

A pulse on design trends, usability/design/graphic quotes, amazing photography, and links to keep everyone busy, plus a few songs that are currently stuck on repeat.

This is getting to be a bit Apple focused and iPhone crazy. If you can't tell I love tech gadgets and the iPhone is my gadget of choice. I will be building an Apple gadget specific website soon so this area will be free'd up for more design related topics.

Silenced by spotify. Sorry Dracula. 

Photoshop was acting really funny this morning. This is me turning on and off layers and groups. Notice how the simple blue background keeps changing. I wonder what adobe thinks of this. 

I’ve always loved this animation from Apple about their new iOS X icon design system. What a clear way of explaining this to world of consumers. 

Tina Seelig giving her “The 6 Characteristics of Truly Creative People” presentation to the 99u audience. 

I like the creative thinking exercises that she uses with her classes. I think that would be huge inside of agencies. Keep that spirit of constant creation going.

I’m thinking this is the best swing I’ve seen in a long time. 

I’m thinking this is the best swing I’ve seen in a long time. 

Typo emails are sweet. Get involved in San Francisco

Thank You for still kicking ass JCVD. It’s awesome to see people taking you seriously after all these years. 

Life long fan, Jason

Some men see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say why not?


Another awesome poster by the crew over at Mondo. I really love the quality and colors in their work. 


There is a badass animated gif of this that is worth mentioning.


Apple iWatch Concept Combines Nike Fuelband with iOS Apps

A new concept design offers a glimpse at how the iWatch might look if Apple ever decides to create it.

Happy they made this. It helps build the Batman myth in many ways that I never thought of before. 

I’ve never seen this movie but I really want this poster. Rich Kelly and Mondo are kicking ass. 


Yet another poster that I am dying to have. Irom Man Crazy ass shit poster. 

Tom Whalen and Mondo is buzy making awesome posters.


Yet again another amazing piece. The texture in certain parts and the flat silhouettes are perfect.


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