Social Identifiers and social design trends are a big part of what I do, these are already finding their way into my blog and will have a place here in the coming future.

A pulse on design trends, usability/design/graphic quotes, amazing photography, and links to keep everyone busy, plus a few songs that are currently stuck on repeat.

This is getting to be a bit Apple focused and iPhone crazy. If you can't tell I love tech gadgets and the iPhone is my gadget of choice. I will be building an Apple gadget specific website soon so this area will be free'd up for more design related topics.

I just relaunched Milwaukee Figure Drawing on TUMBLR!

This is a huge day. Please take a look. If you know anyone who likes to draw, or is in art school and has to draw nudes this would be a cool site for them to look at. 

For those on tumblr already, I tweaked the shit out of this theme. I added a lot of new navigation, social links, and even added in a site-wide title that is totally controlled by the twitter account hooked up to my phone. Ha, YES! I can update the content and the main title from my phone from anywhere. 

LINK: http://milwaukeefiguredrawing.com/

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