Social Identifiers and social design trends are a big part of what I do, these are already finding their way into my blog and will have a place here in the coming future.

A pulse on design trends, usability/design/graphic quotes, amazing photography, and links to keep everyone busy, plus a few songs that are currently stuck on repeat.

This is getting to be a bit Apple focused and iPhone crazy. If you can't tell I love tech gadgets and the iPhone is my gadget of choice. I will be building an Apple gadget specific website soon so this area will be free'd up for more design related topics.
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This was very insightful. Think about all the people that work in social media, think about all the musicians that became famous. Free mix tapes and remixes. Blogs post songs and they become internet legends. Then they become get sponsored and have a huge self-generated fan base because of social media, where comments and sharing are its life blood. 

ericmortensen: So glad Clay Shirky is out our side. 

imageoscillite: You’ve seen a million SOPA/PIPA posts today. This is the most important one. 

Just a small info graphic, THE EVOLUTION OF THE WEB, relating to the development of web browsers since the beginning of time, pun intended. 

LINK: http://evolutionofweb.appspot.com/

Make your searches secure on Google, Twitter & Facebook. And More! 

This is a small extension for firefox that will change the way your data shows up on the internet. 

The Expressive Web: Curated by Adobe.

LINK: http://beta.theexpressiveweb.com/

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